Books are not just for World Book Day

While reading my friend Alex’s blog the other day, I was reminded today (assuming I get this post finished on time and scheduled) is World Book Day*, so Merry Book Day to all who celebrate. Across the country, countless children will be dressing up as their favourite fictional characters, getting their hands on books galore before diving into the wonderful world of their imagination.

I’ve not had much to do with World Book Day so far, though I would imagine in the future I will be dressing the little one in every manner of outfit imaginable. I might even find myself partaking in the fun at the same time with an outfit or two of my own… This year, I will have to settle for this blog post** to observe the day.

One of the purposes of World Book Day, and at the risk of stating the obvious, is to get children to read more. By making reading more exciting*** with costumes and school activities, it is hoped we will inspire children to pick up books and read, read, read. To make it easier, kids are given a voucher to buy a book at their local book shop****.

Of course, the hope is children will read more not just on World Book Day, but through the rest of the year and beyond as well. After all, like a puppy is not just for Christmas, books should not just be for World Book Day.

I have written before about the benefits of reading not just for children but big children too, and making sure people have access to books at home and school is a vital step to take. I do wonder though if there comes a point when someone can have too many books to read. As I sit here in my living room, I can see a dozen books on the shelf which I need to work through. Upstairs by my bed there are a dozen more. On the three (!) full height book shelves in the office there must be the same number of unread books again, while the list of books I would like to buy is enormous. I wonder if I have reached the point where the number of books I have to read is a bad thing. I wonder if it is time to stop adding to my TBR pile.

Oh who am I kidding of course it isn’t! You cannot read a book without first having the book, whether that is purchased, loaned or borrowed. While we should not be spending money excessively buying things we do not need or are unlikely to ever use, having a growing pile of books to be read is probably the least problematic of the consumerisms. I know I will not stop, and have already started a mental TBR pile for the baby too. This World Book Day, and every day after that, fill your boots with as much fantasy, romance, thriller and mystery as you can manage.

Happy reading!

* In the UK and Ireland. Actual World Book Day, i.e. the one celebrated by the rest of the world, is the 23rd of April.
** I had considered trying to get Part 3 of my Library Jigsaw video completed, but as I am writing this on Monday, it is unlikely I will get the video filmed in time.
*** I know, I know, how could it be more exciting?!
**** Assuming their local book shop still exists of course, but that is a rant for another day.

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