One month to go!

I’m getting excited now! In just one month, A Tale in Few Words is released to the world, giving you lovely people a chance to read some of the short stories and flash fiction I have been working on over the last year or so.

At the moment I am busy proofreading, checking for those little typos and making sure the book is ready for you to read on the 31st of March. As you will no doubt have guessed if you read this blog regularly there are quite a few of the little blighters to find, so it is taking much of my focus and is the main reason this blog has been silent for a while.

But never fear, more of the content you love will be coming soon, and did I mention there is only one month until my new book is realised?!?!

For those of you who cannot wait a month to order your copy of A Tale in Few Words, you can preorder your Kindle copy today, and it will download straight to your device on launch day. Otherwise, stay tuned for more exciting news, updates and possibly the odd sneak peek in the coming weeks.

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