Still here; an update

The eagle-eyed amongst you will probably have noticed the number of posts on this blog have slowed considerably, especially coming from the dizzy heights of daily updates during the lockdown. Partly this was a little bit of blog post fatigue, but not entirely. I wanted to post today to reassure you this blog is still active, I am still planning on adding to it, and to tell you a little about some of the exciting things happening which have led to me slowing down a little on the post rate.

One of the reasons I am posting less, is I am back to writing more! I have had several book ideas bubbling around in my noggin for a while now, and for the first time in months, I have found myself writing a chapter a day at least. I’m going to keep the book ideas close to my chest for now, but I will say there are novels and nonfiction offerings in the mix.

The second main reason I have been light on the blog posts is, well I have been busy. As you may have seen from my social media feeds, my wife and I managed to get away for a couple of days at the start of July, which was a much needed break. And even back home, I have been getting out and about more, visiting people (at a social distance of course) and generally enjoying the freedoms we are slowly getting back as lockdown lifts. More fun activities, less time for blogging I’m afraid.

On a similar vein, I am finding myself busier at work than we had been for much of lockdown. It appears as the lockdown has lifted, my patients are beginning to struggle more. Generally I am finishing on time at the end of the day, but after spending much of my day seeing patients and then stuck at the desk, the last thing I want to do is spend more time at the computer.

Finally, as you will know from the lockdown blog, we are in the process of moving house. As I write this, we are still at my parent’s, and much of the last couple of weeks has been taken up with surveys and engineer reports, but it finally looks like we are getting close to moving home. With the completion date, unpacking and decorating the new house on the horizon, time is going to remain tight for a little while.

While I am sure you are all missing my ramblings, my temporary absence is for a series of good reasons, and some exciting times ahead I am sure. Stay tuned, it will be worth it!

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