The End of the Lockdown Blog

You will probably have guessed from the title this post is going to be bittersweet. There is bad news, but there will be some good news as well, I promise.

First, the bad news. After thinking long and hard this week, I have decided to end Beyond the Lockdown Blog.

I know, it has only been one post, but i have realised writing a daily (or every three days) blog post has lost its purpose. The lockdown was a time limited, reasonably well defined event. Beyond a lockdown is an unending period of time, and if I’m honest not as interesting as life within the lockdown. Even within the week, my life seems to have returned to some semblance of normality, and there will come a time when it is impossible to tell the difference from a normal day. Coupled with the time writing a daily(ish) blog has taken up, and it is time for the daily blog to end.

That’s the bad news, time for the good news! While the daily blog is over, this blog will continue. It won’t be as frequent, but I will be able to dedicate time to writing about some of the other issues which I (and hopefully you) find interesting. I will also have time to put more time into my works-in-progress (including a little project idea I have had for the lockdown blog itself).

While the lockdown blog is over, and the beyond lockdown blog barely got started, there is plenty more to come, so do not go anywhere!

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