Beyond the Lockdown Blog: Days I-III

It seems strange returning to this blog to after a couple of days off. On both Saturday and Sunday evening I found myself thinking about writing a post, before stopping myself and saving it for today.

Saturday started with the left over cold pizza from the last day of the lockdown blog. As ever, it was delicious, and I am going to miss it (we are trying to be healthier post-lockdown, so the pizza has to go).

After breakfast and once we were washed and dressed, Sarah and I went into the village to buy a few essentials from the supermarket. It was Sarah’s first time shopping in Aldi, and was clearly impressed as she did not stop talking about it all day.

Once the shopping was put away, we went for a walk to show Sarah the sights and sounds of Rothwell. Mostly this meant the main street and the park, where we spotted these delightful parakeets, before we were back home to relax in the garden followed by a couple of episodes of Friends. Not sure my parents were quite as enamoured as we are, but they humoured us.

Sunday started fairly early, as we were out and about for the day. The first stop was to Sarah’s parents to drop off a couple of things, before we went to wave at Sarah’s grandma from a distance (the first time we had seen her since before lockdown).

The purpose of our trip was to explore the area around our new house a little more. After driving past the house (it looked much the same as when he had last seen it), we went for a walk in the local area and the park. It was busy, but people were keeping their distance, and the whole afternoon reinforced we had chosen the right house for us.

Back home, and despite the weather we had a roast chicken with all the trimmings for dinner. This was followed by the new BBC drama on the Salisbury poisonings. It was a good hour’s telly, although slight weird watching a suspense drama where you already know the story and ending.

Today Sarah and I were back to work after nearly a week off. Sarah was in her new office, while I started in the orangery before it became too hot so I moved to the sofa. My dad is retired, so he has been doing a variety of chores around the house, but my mum was also back into work from the first time in a while. Overall the work set up worked, luckily there is enough space for us all to keep out of each other’s way.

My day consisted of hundreds of emails to be read and answered, urgent queries to be dealt with, and a two hour meeting with colleagues to finish the day. We just about managed to squeeze a walk into the day to the local farm (much nicer in my view than walking around the local streets). For dinner, Sarah has made tarragon chicken (a Nigella recipe) which we paired with rice, and tonight we plan to watch the next part of the Salisbury poisonings drama. Tomorrow I have to briefly go into work to start the day, so need an earlyish night.

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