Lockdown Blog: Day LXXXI – is this the end?

So today was the big day, the house sale, the day we have been waiting for since the 8th February when we first had an offer made. As I have said it comes with a tinge of sadness, but also plenty of excitement, and hopefully in the not too distant future our new home.

The morning started early. I had to be back to the house for 8 in time for the removal company to be let in, so I was up with the dawn chorus (more or less) and in the car while the rest of the house was stirring.

The removal men were a little later this morning, but that gave me time to sort a few things before they came and moved the rest of our belongings. But before I knew it they were here and working furiously around me.

Just before ten I received the first phone call from my solicitor. The buyers solicitor had begun the funds transfer, and once that was completed they would complete the sale.

Within half an hour my solicitor had called back and it was done. The house was sold, it was no longer mine. The change of ownership had occurred on paper at this point rather than in person, but it did feel the house was no longer mine, and seeing our furniture removed and the rooms left bare reinforced this.

By 11, the removal men has finished loading the van and were on their way. Sarah had joined me at the house and we set about cleaning. It was not particularly dirty, but we wanted to make sure it had a quick once over before handing over the keys.

With the meter readings done, there was just time to snap a last picture outside the house, before it was off to the estate agents to hand over the keys. And with this done it really did seem final. We had time to drive past Sarah’s parents to wave goodbye (obviously not forever, we will see them as often as we can) before it was back to my parents home, and our temporary lodgings.

For the last 81 days, I have been keeping a daily blog of my life during lockdown. I originally planned to end the blog when the initial restrictions were lifted, but decided against it as our life was much the same as it had been.

Now, of course, things have changed dramatically. We are no longer living in the home we were locked down in, and with have integrated with another household. I do not think even I can stretch the rules far enough to say we are still in lockdown.

So for me, today, finally, lockdown is over. And so, regrettably, is this lockdown blog.

That’s it.

No more.




Oh who am I kidding. I can’t just leave you hanging like that. The Lockdown Blog is dead, long live Beyond the Lockdown Blog!

Now I need to be clear, the new blog will not be as frequent as the Lockdown Blog. I have realised spending every night writing and then posting a blog takes up quite a bit of my time, so I have decided to aim for every three days to begin with. The first post will be on Monday, so you get a couple of days away from my ramblings.

This evening, we have ordered our customary Dominos pizza. It is the final time, a fitting way I feel to end lockdown and the blog, and even coming from a different store it was still delicious. This evening, we are going to watch an episode or two of Friends before I hit the hay for an early night.

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