Lockdown Blog: Day LXXIX

I am shattered. Today has been non-stop, but we have just about got everything ready for the removal company arriving tomorrow morning to begin packing up.

The day started with Sarah taking a trip to Starbucks for refreshments, before we set about loading the clothes we need for the next couple of weeks to months into the cars. We managed to fit everything into the two cars, just.

At my parent’s house, we unloaded the clothes and put them away in the bedroom we will be staying in (what was my brother’s when we were children). Using the suitcases under the bed to store the less essential clothes, we managed to get everything put away.

Back at our house, and it was time to dismantle Sarah’s office, again two cars full, before taking that to the parents. We set the equipment up in the box room, and it looked almost identical to the setup she had been using for the last two years.

Back to our house again, and it was time to start taking apart the furniture, take items off the walls and the lampshades. I had expected taking the beds apart would be the longest job, but in the end it was fairly painless, and I spent more time getting pictures off walls then anything else. Tonight we will be sleeping on the mattress on the floor.

It was nearly six by the time we had finished, and I collapsed onto the sofa to relax. We ordered our final takeaway in our house, Domino’s pizza of course, and plan to watch a little TV to pass the evening.

While we do not sell the house until Friday all being well, tonight will be our last night sleeping here. I am excited to be moving out, but there is a twinge of sadness as well. At the risk of being melodramatic, it is the end of an era, and I will miss this little house, my first home.

One thought on “Lockdown Blog: Day LXXIX

  1. I too get attached to houses and their memories. Your first house, you should be proud of what you achieved and always hold those memories in your heart. It’s time now to move on, hopefully to a much bigger adventure. Xx


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