Lockdown Blog: Day LXXVIII

It is almost the end of the final normal day in our current house. Sarah and I have both finished work for the week, and tomorrow the task of packing up our life begins in earnest. I’m starting to feel a little twinge of sadness, with everything being the last of something, but I am also excited to get the house sold and move on.

The day started with emails and the morning huddle as usual. No senior members of the team joined the meeting today, and it was telling. Few people had anything to say and the meeting was done in just over ten minutes.

After this, I set about making the calls I needed to before finishing for the week. I was still waiting to hear back from social care about one of my patients, but got no further. I did manage to review a couple of patients who are doing well.

Lunch was eaten on the go, so to speak, as I had a Zoom meeting with the team manager and other consultants, mostly to catch up and discuss the current workload. These meetings can sometimes seem a waste of time, but today I appreciated the hour to offload with colleagues.

The afternoon was taken up with more phone reviews, mostly for patients I have had worried about in the past couple of weeks. Fortunately most people were doing well, and I am happy they will be well while I am away. I even managed to speak with a social worker about the other patient I needed to discuss from yesterday.

After work, Sarah and I went for a walk (possibly our last in Morley) before I went around the house filming each room. Hopefully in a few years, once settled in our new house, we can watch the film back and see where we have come from. I will take a few pictures on Friday as well once everything is out of the house.

Dinner this evening was sausage, egg (for me) and chips. A quick and easy meal for the last time using the kitchen. This evening I will be finishing Normal People (only 30pages to finish). Like Sarah, I really have not enjoyed the book, although we might still give the TV series a watch as it has been recommended. Tonight I will definitely have an early night tonight, with early starts and a busy time over the next three days. Let’s see how that goes…

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