Lockdown Blog: Day LXXVII

The started of a very short working week came screaming at me all too fast this morning. It was my own fault, I stayed up too late as usual, but that did not change the fact it was a challenge to drag myself out of bed.

The first job of the day was a phone call to a colleague who has recently started working with a patient of mine. With the change of computer system (was that only this year?!) at work, he is struggling to find any background information on the patient, so I agreed to call him and fill him in as best I could.

This was followed by the team huddle, the highlight of which was getting to know the team a little better. Our team quizmaster Mark had decided to do a quiz last week about the teams with each team member submitting an unusual fact about themselves. We all then had to try match the facts to the people. This morning, we were given the answers, and now know which members of the team trained with the Olympic judo team, and who has a fear of toilets (I kid you not).

After the fun of the huddle, it was back to the more serious job of actual work. I had several calls this morning. On one I found out a patient is pregnant. On another I needed to call the patient’s social worker, and as I write this now I am still awaiting a reply. Before I knew it, it was lunch time (cold chicken chasseur may well be an exception to my cold leftovers are best rule…)

Back to work and I had to deal with an urgent referral which had come in this morning. A patient who has sadly lost her husband to COVID is finding it increasingly difficult to cope, and has started hitting out at people to vent her frustration. While it pains me to do so (she is grieving after all), I have had to give her some medication to help her settle. The alternative, if the aggression continues would be admission to hospital which I feel would be worse.

Before I finished for the day, I had to pop into the office to collect a set of scrubs which had been delivered for me. The idea is to wear the scrubs in and when I have to go into the hospital, as clothes need to be washed at 60 afterwards which would shrink my own clothes. Unfortunately the scrubs are the wrong size, but the drive in meant I finally finished listening to Foundation and Earth on audio CD (not the best of Asimov’s work) before making a start on Prelude to Foundation. At the rate I am going, I will probably finish this some time before Christmas.

Dinner this evening was a chicken Kiev with odds and ends from the freezer. We followed this with an evening walk, and are now settling down for an hour or so of reading and some TV. Last day of work for the week tomorrow, at the moment it is shaping up to be a busy one.

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