Lockdown Blog: Day LXXV

My on call last night ended up being a quiet one, and I managed to sleep through. That is until the dog jumped on the bed at 6am, followed by Sarah waking me at 7 to tell me she could not sleep, before promptly dropping back off again and leaving me wide awake…

Once I was finally out of bed, the first job of the day was to deliver this garden table to my parents house where it will be stay during our move. It was made by my friend Neil as a house warming gift for our current house, and I wanted to make sure it has a good place to stay during the move.

Back home, and it was time to start packing up some of our clothes, starting with items we do not need this minute (coats and the like) but which we might need if we are at my parent’s home for some time. While we were loading the cars, Darwin decided to help by sitting exactly where we wanted to load boxes.

Once we had packed up the cars with a full load in each, we headed back to my parents house to drop them off, followed by an unfamiliar treat. It is my brother’s birthday today and given six people are allowed to meet outside for a gathering, we decided to have a barbecue to celebrate (all at an appropriate social distance of course). This is the first time I have seen by brother and Jonathan in person since the week before lockdown began, and it was great to be able to see him on his birthday to boot.

The food was the typical barbecue affair, burgers and sausages, as well as veggie and vegan options for Brad and Jonathan respectively. This was followed up by a vegan chia seed cake with butter-free butter cream made by my parents. It was delicious, and no one was more surprised than my dad who waxed lyrical for several minutes. I think to him vegan food is lettuce and carrots, so to have a delicious cake surprised him.

On the way home, we dropped the dog back off at the in-laws. With the pending move, this will be the last time we have him staying with us for some time. We will visit of course, and hopefully we can get him into our new house soon.

Finally back home after a busy day, I plan to chill with a little TV and maybe a chapter or two of my book. More packing tomorrow (this is likely to be a recurring theme for the next week, apologies in advance) so I might treat myself to an early night as well.

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