Lockdown Blog: Day LXXIII

Today seems to have simultaneously flown by and at the same time dragged. It started with an urgent call to a patient in distress, only to discover they had a urinary tract infection which had been causing the distress and had now settled with antibiotics.

After this call, I joined the weekly team meeting, but found myself only half concentrating, as I had a mental health assessment arranged for lunch on a patient I knew very little about. While trying to listen to the meeting, I was also reading back through years of notes on the patient, which is not the best way to do either, I am certainly not a multitasker.

The drive to the office to pick up PPE (a visor was added to the ensemble today) gave me a good chance to listen to some more of my audio book Foundation and Earth. Because I have not been driving as much during lockdown, it feels like I have been listening to this story for months. The journey time was extended by nearly twenty minutes as I had to drive past a McDonalds and found myself stuck in a queue to get into the drive thru. As much as I enjoy a takeaway, I’m not sure I am prepared to queue as long as these people were.

Once at the assessment, it was quickly clear the patient did not need to come into hospital and his anxieties could be managed at home. This was the first time I had met this particular patient, so I had the bizarre experience of him having never actually seen my face because of the mask.

After making a further stop at the office to pick up a prescription pad, I was then home to finish writing everything up on the system.

Once I had finished work, I took the dog for a walk in the drizzle, and then had fun trying to dry him when we got back. Sarah had an evening meeting until 6:30, so I called my parents for the weekly video call. My brother could not join us this week, but it is his birthday at the weekend so I will be seeing him (at a safe distance) then.

Dinner this evening was prawn stir fry with a teriyaki sauce, delicious as always. Tonight, we will probably spend the evening reading or watching TV. One more day to go until the weekend! Woohoo!

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