Lockdown Blog: Day LXXII

The weather has truly changed today. It was raining overnight and for much of the morning. While I am not overly pleased, the garden is at least getting a soaking.

I was out again first thing this morning. A colleague who is currently isolating needed a prescription writing for a patient, so I went into the office to write the script and pick up a couple of things. Driving in the rain the roads were noticeably busier, while the office was quieter. Clearly most people decided to work from home.

Back home, I spent the rest of the morning making calls to patients, before I finished the leftover bean chilli for lunch. I would have preferred eating outside as usual, but I guess I need to be grateful we have had such lovely weather during lockdown to date.

This afternoon I had to join a meeting called a Care and Treatment Review. These meetings are held for patients who are at a risk of being admitted to hospital, with the aim to bring professionals from health, care and other sectors together, with a view to supporting the person in the community wherever possible. Today’s meeting was particularly helpful (not all CTRs are as productive) and I feel like we have a plan to go forwards.

Once the meeting was over, I had a call from a nurse about a patient she is worried about, and I suspect I will be going out again tomorrow for another mental health act assessment (but that is for tomorrow’s blog). I then had a call with Alwyn for his weekly supervision meeting.

After work, I took Darwin for his evening walk and found a dead rat en route (don’t worry, I’ll spare you a photo…) before Sarah and I went for our final shopping trip before we move out of our home. The store was empty, and we managed to get through the ordeal in just half an hour.

Another last time in our house was dinner. Sarah had planned to make teriyaki chicken, but in the end we decided to get a Chinese takeaway instead. I have spoken about the takeaway before, and after five years infrequently frequenting them, this was our final visit. Tonight we probably watch another episode or two of Friends (we have just started Season 7) and a chapter of my book.

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