Lockdown Blog: Day LXX

The day started with some exciting news. Our mortgage application has finally been approved. With the lockdown, the mortgage company’s surveyor has not been able to get in to value the property. Finally, on Friday they did, and the mortgage company has accepted the value. One more hurdle in our house move successfully leapt.

Work started with a drive into the office to sign a prescription form. There were only four people in the office today, but it was good to see people in person rather than on the screen as has been the case for some time.

Back home from the office (and after getting stuck in traffic (!) near roadworks), I set about working through the emails I could not read on Friday because I was too busy. I also caught up on the patient who I initiated a mental health act assessment for last week. Unfortunately, the assessment has not been completed, something which would not be unexpected even before lockdown began.

Out in the garden to enjoy the sun for a five minute break, I found this bush swarming with bumblebees and solitary bees (explains the solitary bee holes on the table).

Lunch was a cold sausage sandwich left over from yesterday’s dinner, which was surprisingly good, followed by the first calls of the week to review patients. To end the day, I had a Zoom meeting with the other consultants. For the first time since the pandemic began, everyone appeared in good spirits.

Once the call had finished, it was time for my walk with Darwin. We took the long route to the town centre and back today, and the dog was thoroughly pooped by the time we got back (of course not enough to stop him shamelessly begging for food from my plate). I also had a second piece of good news for the day, the book cover for Free City has made the shortlist for a monthly book cover competition. If I can get enough votes this week I can make it to the next round.

Dinner this evening was basa fillet, air fried chips (and mushy peas for me). It’s not quite the same as the chip shop, but was delicious even if I say so myself. Entertainment this evening is probably something on Netflix and/or reading. We finally watched Julie and Julia last night. Sarah loved it, I thought it was OK. It would have been better if it was half the length, but not a bad way to spend an evening.

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