Lockdown Blog: Day LXIX

For some unfathomable reason the day started rather early (at least early in my eyes on a Sunday). The dog had of course jumped on the bed at around 4, before I was finally awake by 8.

With the dog outside having his morning lie down, and Sarah on a quick trip to Starbucks to chance her luck (it was in today, and she came home beaming with coffee and cookies), I settled down to crumpets with apricot jam. To me, jam is strawberry or it is nothing. Anything else is just a sugary, albeit delicious, spread. During our last shopping trip, I was horrified to discover the shelves devoid of strawberry jam, so I had to settle for a poor imitation. It’s not the same, so breakfast was rather disappointing as a result.

After a few chores around the home, we set off for a lunchtime walk with the dog. It was fairly quiet during the walk, and when we got back to the field outside our house we let the dog run wild. He of course thoroughly enjoyed it, and it had the desired effect of tiring him out for the rest of the day.

Much of the afternoon has been a combination of reading, writing and browsing social media. We spent some time outside, but it was so hot around 1pm that it did not last long. The fern does not appear to mind the heat, with new fronds almost open and the whole plant (shrub? tree?) looks fantastic.

One thing I did notice in the garden was an old log, which forms the leg of a table my friend made for me, has become a home for solitary bees. I tried to get a video of the bees flying in and out of the holes they have created, but failed miserably. Instead, you willing have to settle for this picture where you can just make out a half-dozen or so holes made by bees.

Dinner this evening was sausage, chips and beans. The plan had been bangers and mash, but it is far to warm to be making mashed potato, so I settled on air fried chips instead. Entertainment this evening will be Julie and Julia (surprise, surprise, we did not watch it last night, what’s the chances we watch it tonight…?) and a scoop or two of ice cream I am sure. Tomorrow I have to pop into the office for half an hour to start the day, so I need an early night and early rise to start the week.

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