Lockdown Blog: Day LXVIII

For those of you with little time this evening, you’ll be please to see this is a fairly short post today. It has been a lazy day, I’m going to blame the heat. It started with last night’s pizza (delicious) followed by chores around the house (boring).

Before I knew it, it was lunchtime and we found a straggly dog at our backdoor, day waggling in excitement. Sarah’s parents had walked down to the house to hand over the dog, and we had a couple of minutes in the garden at a safe distance. We realised this is probably the last time they will visit the house before we sell it, so they took a moment to look in through the window and took a last photo. This house is not our forever home, but it has been a good space for us all the same and I’m sure people will miss it in part.

After the in-laws had left, I loaded the car with (hopefully) the final load for the recycling centre. This time it was mostly things from the garden and shed, but I also got to throw away the electric fire. It’s no secret I hated the fire. It made an annoying throbbing noise whenever it was on, and I would quite happily have thrown it away years ago. Launching it into the scrap metal skip at the recycling centre was a well earned joy!

Back home and we took the dog for a quick walk. It was still incredibly warm, and he was soon panting. Luckily he is booked in for a groom this Friday, so should feel cooler then.

Dinner this evening was egg sandwiches (I’m getting in the spirit of clearing out the fridge and cupboard) and I might follow this up with a scoop or two of ice cream. The current plan is to watch Julie and Julia (I have no idea) on Netflix this evening, but you must know by now what we are like when it comes to actually watching the film…

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