Lockdown Blog: Day LXVI

Wow, today has been a busy one. It had not been planned that way, in fact when I turned the computer on this morning my diary was fairly open. But steadily through the day more and more calls came in, and before I knew it, it was 5pm.

I started work by joining the weekly MDT meeting. Unfortunately it lasted for over an hour, so the calls I had planned for the morning were pushed back, and those who I did try calling did not seem to want to answer the phone.

I had made several unsuccessful calls, and the odd successful one, by lunch when Sarah and I took a short walk in the glorious sun. It was a little cooler (though not by much) than it had been at the weekend, and much more pleasant as a result.

Back home, I had a call with a patient who has been ignoring calls from the rest of the team. After a few false starts (phone signal at his home must be appalling) we were on the call for over an hour. He is still reluctant (read dead against) involvement with the team, but he is agreeable to a phone call every so often from me, so we have made a start at least.

After a couple more calls, it was five and I had a few minutes in the garden reading before coming back inside to FaceTime my parents. My brother could not join us this week, so most of the conversation was a continuation of the weekend. Next Thursday will be our final video call (we move in the following week) so it feels like we are moving towards the end of full lockdown (as I define it anyway) and into phase 2.

Dinner this evening was Nando’s chicken and chips (don’t get too excited, it was home made like last time). The plan this evening is to read/watch TV/maybe venture onto Netflix, the usual really. Only one day to go until the weekend, and this time I am not working!

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