Lockdown Blog: LXV

The day started later than I intended, and not for the reason I had expected last night (more on that later). When my alarm went off at quarter to eight I rolled over and turned it off. Luckily I woke back up again in time to make it to the desk for 9.

After checking through my emails and joining the morning huddle, my first job of the day was trying to speak with a patient who did not answer the phone yesterday. Unfortunately they did not answer today either, and I am a little concerned. They occasionally miss the odd call, but two days in a row is new. If I have not heard from them tomorrow I might have to call round to check things are well.

At lunch, Sarah and I took a short walk in the glorious sunshine. It was warm, obviously, but surprisingly not uncomfortably so. And for the first time in a couple of weeks it was quiet. I think we only past one or two people the whole time. Back home and lunch was left over bean chilli which was delicious.

Much of the afternoon was taken up with a Zoom call to review a patient I recently diagnosed with dementia. The manager of the home is a British Sign Language (BSL) user, so we had a BSL interpreter join us on the call from her home to interpret for him. While there are downsides to remote working, somethings work extremely well and this was one such moment.

To finish the day, I had a supervision call with Alwyn, which took us to 5 o’clock and then it was off to the supermarket for our weekly shop. The quiet theme continued today, with no queue and only a couple of people in the store. Other than miso paste (let’s be honest there was next to no chance they had miso paste in stock) we managed to get everything we needed.

Dinner this evening is miro (not miso) salmon and pak choi prepared by Sarah, which is starting to smell delicious as I write this. After dinner, I plan to start on my new book Dune, after I finished Cloud Atlas last night. In the end it only took me until 10pm to finish. I really enjoyed the book. The ending was a little abrupt, but it wrapped up most of my questions.

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