Lockdown Blog: Day LXIV

You are never going to believe it, we actually watched Ghost last night!!

I’m fairly certain I have seen it before, or at the very least I knew the story, but it was still an entertaining film. Sarah has definitely not seen it before, and particularly enjoyed Whoopi Goldberg’s performance. There must be a reason she won an Oscar after all!

This morning, it was back to the computer and back to work. Much of the morning was taken up with discussion about a patient whose brother has presented with COVID symptoms. Obviously the family now have to isolate, but this is going to have a seriously negative impact on my patient, who does very badly with changes to routine. Of course I hope he does well, but we have planned for the worst all the same.

Lunch today was the left over tuna pasta. I’ve spoken before about how I often find cold leftovers better than the original meal, and to was no exception. I also noticed one of my bushes in the garden had become awash with flowers all of a sudden. It’s taken five years to get my garden to a point where it looks bedded in, and part of me is going to miss it when we move.

This afternoon, I had to make a trip into the office for the first time in weeks to sign a prescription. The building was nearly deserted, but I saw my secretary having spoken mainly via email since the lockdown, and I am sure she was pleased to see a new face. Back home, and I had one more call to make before finishing for the day.

Once I had turned off the computer, I set about making dinner. I call this delightful dish store cupboard bean chilli made with tinned beans, onions, chopped tomatoes, frozen veg and spices.

After prepping the chilli, I went for what is becoming by weekly trip to the local recycling centre. Once again I was impressed with the efficiency with which the centre is run, and I was back home within the half hour.

With a generous portion of rice, Sarah and I tucked into a hearty bowl eat when I returned, and I must say it was delicious. Even more excitingly, there is plenty left for lunch tomorrow!

Entertainment this evening is the last couple of chapters of Cloud Atlas. I need to know how this book ends now, and suspect I will find myself awake until past midnight if I need to in order to finish it. If I moan about being tired tomorrow, feel free to point out it is my own stupid fault.

One thought on “Lockdown Blog: Day LXIV

  1. Garden is blooming. Hopefully the new residents will appreciate all your hard work. Looking forward to what you do with the next one xx

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