Lockdown Blog: Day LXIII

No more calls last night, but the restless sleep returned in the early hours, so I found myself awake for an hour at 6am, before falling back to sleep and finally waking around 9. For a 48 hour on call, that was pretty good.

Once Sarah and I had finally got ourselves moving, Sarah went to the supermarket to buy her parent’s weekly shop, while I did a couple of things around the home (meter readings) before reading more of Cloud Atlas while waiting for her to return. I am only two chapters (sections) from the end now, and I have a much better idea where the story is going, but I still anticipate a couple of twists before the end. Once I have read this, it is on to Dune by Frank Herbert.

Once Sarah was home, it was time to visit my parents. We needed to start moving some items to their house ready for our final move in just over 2 weeks, and while there spent a few minutes in the garden (at an appropriate distance of course) for a quick catch up. It is the first time I have seen my parents in person since Mother’s Day on the 23rd March, over 9 weeks, so it was slightly surreal to be back at their home again. As well as a general catch up, we were able to discuss practicalities like cookie and shower schedules, and I’m sure we can make it work until we can move into our new home.

Back in our current home, and we both read a little more, as well as catching up on the day’s news. I have been contemplating going for a walk this afternoon/evening, but I think I am going to wait for it to cool down a little more before I do, it is really hot, and here at least there does not appear to be much chance of cloud.

Dinner this evening was tuna pasta made from the cupboard stocks. Apparently we are once again planning on watching Ghost tonight (I know…) so we shall see how that pans out. Otherwise, it will be an early night ready for work again tomorrow, and only a four day week until the weekend once more!

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