Lockdown Blog: Day LXII

Usually, when I am on call, my sleep through the night is broken. Even if I am not called, I find myself waking every couple of hours to check my phone and then struggle to drop off again. I have never missed a call, but it does not stop me waking up anyway.

Last night was different. I stayed up past midnight watching Father Ted on More4, but once I finally took myself to bed I was out like a light and did not wake until past eight this morning. Of course, I had not missed a call, and felt good for a good night’s sleep.

The first job of the day was to join the on call doctor conference call. It was a slightly different team this morning, most of the on call doctors do not work the full weekend, but once again everyone appeared on top of things (and at the time of writing I have not been called).

After the call, Sarah made an ill-fated trip to Starbucks drive-thru for a coffee, while I decided to vacuum and mop the house. We have quite a lot of moss growing in our garden (quick tip, I think it looks infinitely neater and greener than grass and is less work) which Darwin likes to roll around in. Unfortunately this means he brings it into the house in his fur, and it has been a never-ending battle this week to keep the floors clear. With Darwin out of the house for a while, I took my chance and got the house spruced up a little.

Back home and Sarah worked her way through the final cupboard to be sorted. This cupboard mainly contained spare duvets, sheets and her wedding dress in a box. Clearly the dress is coming with us, and we decided to keep the spare sheets for now, so most of this cupboard went back in to await packing.

Once the chores were done, I spent some time watching the Simpsons, while Sarah spent a little time on the laptop. It was then time for our walk, with nothing particularly exciting to report on the journey.

Home again and the clouds had begun to clear, so I decided to sit in the garden and read more of Cloud Atlas. I was joined briefly by Sarah, but it was a little too warm for her so she was quickly back inside.

Dinner this evening was my version of spaghetti bolognese (with fusilli pasta and petit pois in place of spaghetti and carrots) which went down a treat. This evening we plan to watch Ghost. I know we said we would watch it a couple of nights ago, but as you have probably gathered by now just because we plan to watch something does not mean it will actually happen. Tonight we are definitely, 100% going to watch it…


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