Lockdown Blog: Day LX

There we have it, 2 months of lockdown. 2 months distancing from those we love, staying at home and working remotely. If you had said at the start of lockdown it would last at least two months, I suspect the prospect would have been terrifying. Looking back now, the time seems to have flown by. There have been tough times, but also good days as well. We have laughed and joked and clapped and cried. We have done what would have seemed impossible two months ago, and which now seems mundane.

Back to today, and the day started just in time for nine. The first job of the day was to identify patients on my caseload prescribed a particular medication which can cause problems, followed by the morning huddle. The main topic of discussion, the daily quiz. For some reason, the team had decided I was going to be the topic of the quiz. Fifteen questions covering everything from my favourite colour to my antipsychotic of choice. Keep reading to find out how the team did.

After the morning meeting, I spent the rest of the morning making phone calls, while Sarah took the dog out for his morning walk. There were only a few patients to call today, but each call seemed to take longer than usual as everyone wanted to talk at length. I forget sometimes that I am privilege to be still working, calling patients and even getting into the office from time to time. The people I called today are almost exclusively stuck at home, and clearly the isolation is setting in for some of them.

Lunch was taken in the lounge today. It remains warm, but incredibly windy today. I tried sitting outside for a few minutes, but it was too blustery. After I had eaten, the rest of the afternoon was taken up with paperwork and supporting a colleague who wanted to discuss a patient she is concerned about.

Just before I finished, the quiz results are in. I’m not sure exactly how many people tried the quiz, but I know at the bottom of the heap three people scored an embarrassing 3/15, while at the other end three people scored a suspiciously high 15/15. There are rumours there may have been cheating involved in the high scores, but short of breaking into my house when I was not looking I cannot quite work out how they would have cheated.

After the excitement of the quiz results, I took the dog for a long walk around Morley and a run on the grass. It seems to have successfully tired him out, he is currently fast asleep under the TV. Back home and I rustled up tuna pasta from the cupboard. Given we are moving out in three weeks, we are trying to use up some of the tinned goods before we leave.

The plan this evening is the usual combination of reading, TV and Netflix, followed by an actual early night. As of 9am tomorrow morning I am on call for 48hours, so I want to make sure I have a good night’s sleep beforehand. For everyone else not working this weekend, enjoy the bank holiday at a socially appropriate distance!

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