Lockdown Blog: Day LVIII

Today is one of those days where I have been busy but do not feel like I have actually achieved anything. It started with a wake up call from Darwin at 4am, but I managed to fall back to sleep and finally woke just in time for work.

Before I got cracking, I had a call to a removal and storage company and my solicitor to make regarding our house sale. It seems we have finally set a date for the move, the 12th June, so I need to get things booked in and paid for (and fair warning, if we do move out on the 12th, I am going to suggest this is finally the end of the lockdown blog…).

Work began with the usual emails and the morning huddle, followed by a one on one Zoom call with one of the nurses to discuss a couple of patients she has concerns about. I had worked with Joanne a few years ago, and this is the first time I have seen her in a couple of years, so we had a little catch up as well.

After a couple more calls, Sarah and I had a couple of minutes outside in the garden for lunch. It was hot, really hot. The dog spent the time hiding in the shade rather than fetching his ball, while Sarah managed only a few minutes before she had to go back inside.

This afternoon I spent more time calling patients, before the weekly call with my colleague Alwyn for supervision. A couple of his patients have started to have problems, inevitably I guess after 58 days in lockdown, but Alwyn seems on top of things.

After work, it was time for our trip to the supermarket. Unfortunately it appears half of Morley had the same idea, with a sizeable queue outside and more queuing at the till. Other than coconut milk for a curry Sarah plans to make, we managed to get everything we needed.

Back home, I took Darwin out for his evening walk, but the heat was still too much for us both so we kept it shortish. For dinner we have had Domino’s pizza. The astute amongst you will have noticed it is not Friday night. I’m not entirely sure how we ended up deciding on pizza, but it was delicious, even on the wrong day of the week.

This evening, I plan to read a little more of Cloud Atlas, I have read chapter 1 which was interesting, and I am intrigued to figure out where the story is going. We might watch an episode of Friends as well, before trying to get an early night in the sweat box which is our house at the moment.

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