Lockdown Blog: Day LVII

For what I think is the first time since lockdown began, I went to bed close to when I had planned to last night and got a good night’s sleep, even with Darwin jumping on the bed at 4am. The upside, I was up and out of bed with plenty of time to spare this morning, managing a leisurely breakfast for the first time in a couple of weeks.

The day started with several urgent calls to colleagues to discuss patients, some of who needed an urgent review which I arranged for this afternoon. This was followed by the morning huddle, taken up mostly by discussing some of the positive things we have done recently or plan for the weekend. As you can imagine, most people’s plans involved walking or spending time in the garden.

The rest of the morning was spent making phone calls to some of the less urgent people I had planned to call today, and fortunately most people seem to be doing well.

Our lunch break was spent on the garden enjoying the sun, where Darwin demonstrated he has no intention of sticking to social distancing and tried to climb under the fence to see the neighbour’s dog Alfie.

Once we had extracted him from the hole he had formed, it was back to the computer for some of the more urgent reviews. In the end, I am not sure the calls were as urgent as my colleagues had made out, but it was nice to speak to some of the patients I have not spoken to in some time.

While I was finishing up the paperwork for the day, two parcels arrived with the post. The first was these delightful masks (yes I am wearing an elf T Shirt) which Sarah and I will be sporting in our next shopping trip… the second parcel was a couple of books I ordered from Waterstones; Cloud Atlas and Dune.

Usually, I have a rule that once I have started a book, I try and finish it. I have tried my best with The Way, the Truth and the Dead, (I’m 187 pages in so far) but it is really not for me. I have therefore taken the unusual decision to give up on the book and try one of my new books instead. I will put TWTTATD back on my shelf and might come back to it in the future, but I won’t be holding my breath. Now to decide which of my new books to read first.

After finishing work, it was time for a walk with Darwin. He was overly excited the whole walk, and when we got back home developed zoomies while playing on the grass. Luckily his pandemic preparedness had improved somewhat, as he was sporting this fetching face mask during the run.

Dinner this evening was homemade Nando’s chicken and air fried chips. Although not exactly like the real thing, they were delicious none-the-less. This evening, I plan to read a little of whichever book I settle on, before another early night, given it worked so well yesterday.

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