Time for something a little different…

I know my blog has been a little full of lockdown related posts lately, and while I am sure you are all loving them, I thought it was probably time for something a little different to spice things up.

To that end, this post is a quick shoutout to some of the writing related groups and podcasts (and a dinosauria related interloper) who I have been involved in or listening to and which you should definitely check out.


I cannot remember how I first discovered Prompted, but I am glad I did. Hosted by Izzy, Erin and Bella, a trio of writing students, each week they take a brief writing prompt and each create a piece in a different genre, as well as discussing general writing tips and advice as well.

They will often publish the prompts in advance, and I have submitted a couple of short pieces based on the prompts which they have been good enough to read out on their show. If you are looking for writing advice, prompts for your own work or just an enjoyable listen on a Sunday morning, then Promoted is just what you are looking for.

Series 2 of prompted is currently underway, with a new episode each Sunday morning.

Bard of the Isles

Bard of the Isles is an online magazine created and published by a groups of talented Irish and British writers who met via a Facebook writing group. Issue 4 of the magazine has just been published with a selection of short stories, poems and writing discussion which is well worth a look. And for those with a newly (or soon to be) published book, they are running their inaugural writing competition very soon.

Bard of the Isles was good enough to publish a short story of mine in the second edition of the magazine, but you don’t just have to read my ramblings, there are some amazing stories from writers you will possible never have heard of, but will definitely be wanting to read more of in the future.

Issue 4 of Bard of the Isles is available online now, along with the back catalogue of editions.

Mason’s Book Club

Mason’s Book Club was a fortuitous find on Facebook. I joined the group not quite knowing what the purpose was, but I’m very glad I joined. As well as providing a space for indie writers to promote their work, the book club provides a variety of other hints and tips for writers, including word of the week and a fortnightly short story competition.

If you are a writer or interested in getting going with your writing, the you definitely need to check out and join the book club. If you do, I would recommend the writing prompt competition, and you might recognise a story or two which has appeared in this blog.

Mason’s Book Club writing competition starts on alternate Tuesday’s, while word of the week is on a Monday.

I know Dino

Not everything in life is about writing (just), some of it is about dinosaurs, and I know Dino is the podcast for all your Dino needs. I have been listening to Sabrina and Garret’s podcast for a few months now, and during lockdown have found it particularly great when cleaning or gardening.

Whether you are a dinosaur expert or a relative novice (let’s be honest, everyone knows something about dinos), I know Dino has something for you.

New episodes of I know Dino are published weekly, usually on a Weds/Thurs UK time, just in time for the weekend chores.

2 thoughts on “Time for something a little different…

  1. Thanks for including my book club on your post here Jamie. I’m honoured and yes I welcome everybody with reading and writing interest to come and have fun in the club.

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  2. Reblogged this on Masons Mind Menagerie and commented:
    Author Jamie Richardson has shared some wonderful blogs and groups on his page today. I was honoured to discover my own little group is on the list. Here take a look.

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