Lockdown Blog: Day LVI

It was back to work today and unfortunately that means fewer pictures for the blog. It also meant, as you have probably have come to expect by now, I struggled to make it out of bed in time.

The day started with Sarah taking the dog for a walk and me checking through my emails and a quick phone call to a colleague, followed by a fairly brief team huddle, during which I had a go at the daily quiz. Today was flags and geography, particular favourites of mine when it comes to quizzes. I managed 31/32 (who knew Afghanistan has had so many flags over the years) which I was pleased with.

The rest of the morning was spent catching up on some semi-important paperwork, which has been neglected during the crisis but still needs doing. This was followed by a few calls to patients who are doing well.

For lunch Sarah and I spent a few minutes relaxing in the lounge, apparently it is too cold to sit outside, and we both enjoyed a piece of cheesecake which was even better than yesterday.

This afternoon was mostly taken up with a meeting with my consultant colleagues. Everyone is doing well, and seemed in much better spirits than they have appeared to be over the last month or so. Once I had finished work, it was my turn to take the dog for a walk while Sarah went to the supermarket to pick up supplies for her parents.

Dinner this evening was salmon and rice, which I cooked (let’s be honest, it is basically heated up) while Sarah was watching a Facebook Live chat with Marian Keyes. Sarah is a fan of Marian’s, having read all her books and regularly watching her videos. I read Rachel’s Holiday a few years ago (long story) which was not for me, but it was interesting to listen to Marian describing some of her experiences writing and in particular getting started as an author.

The exciting novelty of the day was my trip to the recycling centre to get rid of the books and clothes we cleared out at the weekend. We had a slot booked for 6:30, I arrived just about in time to find the whole site run like a military machine, with checkpoints and wait stations along the way. It was good to see social distancing being observed while still allowing people to recycle, and my car is now significantly lighter.

The plan this evening is to read a little more of my book and keep the dog entertained. it is usually around this time on an evening he starts to get antsy and vying for attention, though you would never know it from this picture would you…

2 thoughts on “Lockdown Blog: Day LVI

  1. Re your visit to the recycling center, must confess I’m appreciating all the Covid-inspired efficiency. Amazing how we are all in and out of our appointments now! Hate the reason but love the organization.

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