Lockdown Blog: Day LV

Lots to talk about today, I don’t really know where to begin.

I should probably start with toasted marshmallows and s’mores last night. In the end we did not quite wait until dark, we were too hungry. The little gel burner which came with the kit worked well, and we were able to toast the packet of marshmallows and make a couple of s’mores. The pack had come with Hershey chocolate to add to the toasted marshmallow, which was a little sickly for my tastes, otherwise it was a great way to wile away the evening.

This morning started with even more excitement for Sarah. She loves her coffee. She loves her takeaway coffee even more. At the start of lockdown our local Starbucks closed, and Sarah was in mourning for days. Yesterday as we drove past the store, we noticed the lights were back on, and a queue of fifty (I’m not joking, that might be an underestimate) cars waiting for a coffee. We decided to pass on joining the queue, but this morning Sarah set of early to find no line and got her first takeaway coffee in over fifty days.

While Sarah was out foraging for her coffee, I spent a pleasant 45minutes listening to the Prompted podcast. This weeks episode was titled The Villain, and contained a short entry by yours truly to begin with. If you have not listened before, obviously this week is a great episode to start with, but every show they do is great, definitely the perfect way to start your Sunday.

Once full of coffee, Sarah set about working through some books and paperwork to be rid of before we move, while I mowed the lawn and did some weeding. This was followed by our daily walk with the dog. We made sure we passed Sarah’s parents on the way, as they had forgotten to bring Darwin’s extendable lead. It might seem a small thing, but it gives him a little more freedom on a walk and stops him pulling as much.

Back home, and Sarah made a cheesecake she had been thinking about making during the week. We were missing a few ingredients (icing sugar and fresh cherries) but she made do with substitutions. She even had a furry sous chef to help her clean up…

While Sarah was doing this, I came up with a cunning scheme to deal with some of my unwanted paperwork, old bank statements and the like. I’m not comfortable just throwing it in the bin, and don’t have a shredder, so I decided to break out the fire box in the garden and dealt with the paperwork the primeval way.

Dinner this evening was a sausage casserole made with the veg we had in the freezer. This was followed by the cheesecake. This picture is before the cherry preserve was added to finish it off. It was delicious, and I am going to have to work hard to avoid eating it all in one go.

This evening, we have watched Charlie Brooker’s Antiviral Wipe on BBC iPlayer (hilarious, well worth watching if you have not already) and I plan to follow this up with more of my book. Back to work tomorrow, unfortunately at the start of a five day week and a weekend on call to boot. I better enjoy this last couple of hours!

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