Lockdown Blog: Day LIV

I was awake surprisingly early this morning to say it was a Saturday. As much as I love seeing the birds feeding in the garden, the dawn chorus has a lot to answer for when it comes to waking me up.

After a quick breakfast, Sarah and I set about sorting through some of the books, clothes and paperwork we have in the house, trying to decide what to put in storage when we finally sell our house, and what to give away. Within a couple of hours my car was full of books and clothes which we wanted to take to a charity shop or collection point.

Unfortunately, a quick drive to the local shops confirmed what we have suspected, they are not taking donations at the moment. It makes sense, they cannot open their shops to sell the donations, so would simply end up overwhelmed if people continued to bring things to them.

We returned home with the car as full as when we left. Sarah did a quick search online and discovered the waste sorting sites are back open, and they have a place to donate books and clothes. They are currently operating on an appointment only system, so we have booked a slot on Monday evening to take the items.

Sarah’s parents dropped the dog off this lunchtime (at a safe distance of course). They had walked him down to our house, although they ended up taking an accidental detour on the way, and the three of them were in need of a drink by the time they arrived. Socially distant refreshments were provided, before they set off home sans dog.

I spent a little time reading this afternoon, as well as plotting out a new idea I have had for a book. After this, Sarah and I took Darwin for his second walk of the day.

Dinner this evening involved rummaging through the cupboards and eating what could be found, before we sat down to watch Ophelia on Netflix. The 2018 movie is a retelling of Hamlet from Ophelia’s view, and I thoroughly enjoyed the film. Sarah was less convinced, and has decided Ghost will be our next movie choice.

The reason we watched a film so early, and I am writing this blog a little later than usual, is we are going to attempt making s’mores tonight, having bought a kit from the Naked Marshmellow company. To get the full effect, we are waiting until it is a little darker, although given we are a month from midsummer, and it it currently a brilliant blue sky outside, we could be waiting for some time…

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