Lockdown Blog: Day LIII

To say Sarah and I have been on a four day week, it seems to have lasted far longer than a regular week. As I fell out of bed this morning, I was ready for the weekend.

The day began with a supervision call with Alwyn. Before lockdown, Alwyn and I would have a fortnightly supervision meeting on a Friday morning at 9. While we have been in regular contact throughout the week, we have decided to keep the regular slots as well to provide some semblance of normality. There was not much to discuss, but we still managed to talk for the full hour before the team huddle started.

Clearly everyone was feeling much the same as I was about the end of the week, as they appeared much more cheerful than during the week. With nothing much to discuss the meeting was brief, giving me plenty of time to sort through emails and make a few calls.

Sarah and I went on separate walks at lunch, we could not align our diaries to go together. For lunch I had one of the left over garlic pittas and cheese. At the weekly shop I had bought digestive biscuits as Sarah plans to make a cheesecake this weekend. Unfortunately I left them in the bread bin with the pittas, and Sarah discovered to her horror that the biscuits now tasted of garlic. Personally, I did not mind the taste, but Sarah was not impressed…

Back at the desk, I had planned to make several calls to patients, but only made it through about two thirds of the calls when the first lasted over an hour. Hopefully I can catch up with the less urgent calls on Monday.

Once I had finished for the week, Sarah and I enjoyed a little to the afternoon sun in the garden, before realising it was almost too hot and coming back inside.

Now, for those of you who read the blog yesterday, I am sure you are shouting at the screen ‘what’s the big news’? Well, brace yourselves, because it is big…

Our local Chinese takeaway is back open!!

Ok, it’s not the most exciting news, but it is news. Before lockdown, Sarah and I would enjoy a takeaway maybe once every couple of months, and my first choice would always be Chinese. We had actually been to our local just before lockdown began, and I remember noticing at the time the number of customers was much reduced on a typical Friday night. I even worried the business would not survive. It has been closed since then.

A couple of days ago, I was walking past the takeaway when I noticed they were installing a sneeze guard around the counter, and a sign had appeared with a reopening day. While our Friday night’s have been dominated by Domino’s pizza during the lockdown, partly as they delivered and partly as they were still open. Tonight, we mixed things up and had Chinese instead.

I walked up to order and collected the meal. I was the only person in the building, but they had plenty of orders while I waited. The woman behind the counter was new, hopefully the previous woman who took orders is well. Regardless of the small change, the food was still good, and a welcome start to the weekend.

To continue the theme of variety, we are thinking of watching The Vicar of Dibley tonight in the place of Friends. If we’re not careful with all this variety to our routine, we might end up doing something silly like changing our whole house as well…

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