Lockdown Blog: Day LII

Last night’s prawn pasta was as delicious as it smelled. Oily and garlicky and just a little overindulgent. It got a 10/10 on the Jamie Scale and I will be definitely requesting (read pestering) Sarah cook it again.

This morning was a slow start. It’s my own fault, I stayed up too late watching videos on YouTube and consequently just made it to my desk/table by 9. The first job of the day was to work through a few emails, but joining in the morning huddle which also doubled as the weekly team meeting. Not that there was much to report. Some of our patients are certainly struggling with the lockdown, but they are definitely in the minority, meaning the meeting was wrapped up in half an hour. This gave me plenty of time for morning calls, and a few minutes to take a break in the garden (the sun is back!!).

Sarah and I took a short walk at lunch, before spending a few more minutes minutes sat in the garden. I had one more call to make afterwards. I had tried to call this morning, but seem to have called the same person just minutes after my colleague Alwyn who was calling about another patient. Consequently, I had to wait my turn.

After this, I spent most of the afternoon redesigning a presentation I have been meaning to do for some time. I do not teach as much as I did a few years ago as a trainee, but I still have some responsibilities. One of these I inherited from a colleague when she retired, teaching about learning disabilities and autism to people on a course allowing them to use the mental health act.

Detaining someone under the mental health act, commonly know as sectioning, is only a small part of a psychiatrists job, but it is certainly one of the most prominent. To be allowed a special roll in assessments, know colloquially as Section 12 Approved, a psychiatrist has to have a certain level of experience, as well as attending a course on the mental health act. I did this for the first time four years ago, and now I teach the LD and Autism part of the same course.

When I first took the role over, I did not have enough time to create a presentation from scratch, so I borrowed the presentation used by my retired colleague. Anyone who has ever given someone else’s presentation will know it is not quite the same as giving one you created yourself, and finally I have a presentation I can call my own. I am fairly happy with it, and hopefully will get to use it soon.

Once we had finished work, Sarah and I decided to take a second walk (!) to enjoy the sunny afternoon, before it was the weekly FaceTime call with my family. People still seem to be coping well with lockdown, and there was plenty of laughing and smiles. A big topic was of course our pending house sale, and planning the temporary move back to my parent’s house.

Dinner this evening was once more provided by Sarah, butternut squash and halloumi burgers. They were very nice, the only problem was the butternut was only a couple of degrees cooler than lava! The roof of my mouth is still tingling, and I have definitely learnt my lesson should she make them again.

This evening, aside from an early night which I am definitely having today*, we plan to watch a couple of episodes of Friends, and then I will read a chapter or two more of my book. So far it is a good read, but it is a slow burner, hopefully the pace picks up a little soon. Tomorrow is of course Friday, and there is exciting news to share with you all then! Sleep well.

*who am I kidding, I’ll be up just as late as usual…

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