Lockdown Blog: Day XLIX

After the Prime Minister’s announcement last night, I spent a not inconsiderable amount of time contemplating whether to end my daily blog today or not. At the risk of getting too political, I think the message was vague and at times contradictory. But, given the criteria I set out on Day 42 that any relaxing of the four exceptions to allow us out of our homes would be seen as the end of lockdown and hence the blog.

On the other hand, I am still enjoying writing this blog each day, and despite the change in guidance, Sarah and I will not be changing how we are living any time soon, so what I am taking a roundabout way to say is…


Today was the final day of a four day weekend. While many people returned to work after a three day weekend, Sarah and I had booked the day off. We started fairly early, getting back into a routine for work tomorrow.

My day started with a phone call to a local removal and storage firm. Initially it was just to find out if they are currently working, but once they told me they are starting work again this week in line with government guidance, they soon had me booked in for a remote survey so they can produce a quote for us.

With Sarah out buying her parent’s weekly shop, I found myself in the bizarre situation of giving a man, who appeared to be sat in his own bedroom, a video tour of my house, opening cupboards and drawers, and generally showing him what needs packing up and moving. We should have the quote by the middle of the week, and then it is just a case of working through the new government guidance and trying to determine what day we can actual complete our sale and move.

Once Sarah was home, it was time for a quick walk between light showers. Predictably, the conversation focussed much on the house move and planning when and how we can get everything out of the house and into storage. Back home, and we found a delivery from the Naked Marshmallow company waiting for us. We had hoped they would have arrived earlier so we could toast marshmallows over the weekend. Alas it did not, so we shall have to wait until next weekend to enjoy the treat. Stay tuned for more pictures.

For the rest of the afternoon, I spent some time catching what sun there was in the garden while reading Viking Economics. I am finding the writing really poor, but I am going to persevere as the content is interesting.

Dinner this evening was garlic Kiev’s and my attempt at bubble and squeak using left over mash. I have never made bubble and squeak before, and needed to be a little beaver when I left the mixture to brown before flipping, but for a first attempt it tasted pretty good. I even saw Sarah sneaking a portion after she originally turned it down.

For entertainment tonight, I will either be finishing my book, or else seeing what options are available on TV or Netflix, before retiring early in preparation for work tomorrow.

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