Lockdown Blog: Day XLVII

In the end, we did settle on a film, although it was certainly not something we both agreed on. Steel Magnolias is near the bottom of a list of films I would want to watch, and it turned out to be as bad as I expected. I don’t want to post too many spoilers for those who have not seen it, but I did not feel any chemistry between the actors, felt the plot was bitty and disjointed, and struggle to think of much positive to report. I am sure Sarah would give a very different report, but she’ll need to start her own blog if she wants to do that…

Today was exactly the kind of lazy day you should have on a sunny bank holiday. It started relatively early (for a weekend), and after breakfast we decided to set out for our daily walk. Stopping in the local shop to pick up a couple of essentials for ourselves and Sarah’s parents, we stopped by their house en route and dropped what they needed off, at a safe distance of course.

It also gave us a chance to see the dog, albeit briefly. His impromptu haircut was not as bad as I had imagined, having grown out a little already, and he remained his usual bouncy self despite the heat.

Back home, and I needed to cool off. It had been the middle of the day as we walked back, and to be honest to hot for wandering around. Five minutes laying on the bed helped, and soon I was back into the garden (this time in the shade) to read a few more pages of SPQR.

Lunch was leftovers from yesterday’s picnic, after which I managed to write a chapter on a book I have been thinking about for some time (yes, I am going to give no more details here). It feels good to have put a sizeable amount of work onto paper, and hope to do more tomorrow if I have time.

Dinner this evening was the Domino’s pizza missed yesterday because of the picnic. Once I had ordered, I spent more time in the garden reading while we waited for it to be delivered, and was joined by this little fellow (and a few friend who were camera shy).

Our pizzas were as delicious as usual, and there is plenty left for breakfast tomorrow. As I finish writing this, we watching Mudbound, tonight’s film of choice. After last night’s movie option, it took a little longer to agree a film, but so far it seems much better. Happy Saturday!

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