Lockdown Blog: Day XLVI

Despite the lockdown, today’s bank holiday ended up being a lovely day. It was cloudy to start with, and I worried it might be bit of a grey misery, but by lunchtime the sun had appeared, but more on that is a moment.

To start the day, after having crumpets for breakfast, we set about our weekly clean of the house. As well as my usual floors, I was in charge of cleaning the insides of the windows. I was tempted to take a picture of the grime which came of them, but thought better of it when I realised it should have been me cleaning the windows before now…

Once the sun was out, we set about enjoying our bank holiday picnic in the garden. A couple of years ago I bought a picnic backpack complete with roll-up picnic blanket, but have had little opportunity to use it since. We did not need the whole bag today (I was walking the few steps from the kitchen with food after all) but made use of the blanket.

After eating, Sarah spent a few more minutes in the garden before it became too hot for her (she also caught the sun a little on her legs, but I’m not supposed to tell anyone so keep it to yourself…). I spent some time lounging on the blanket and reading SPQR (not long to go now) as well as snapping a few arty shots of the sky.

Eventually it was too much for me as well in the sun, so I came in to cool down and read some more.

By five we felt it would probably be cool enough for a walk, although we should probably have left it another hour to be a truly comfortable temperature. Back home, and we decided to eat some of the left over picnic food for dinner. I know what you’re thinking, Friday night is pizza night, but for the first time in lockdown, we have given the pizza a miss… (OK, we are thinking of ordering pizza tomorrow, but the tradition has still ended).

As I write this we are currently browsing Netflix trying to find a film we can both agree on to watch. There is a non-zero chance we might not agree on a film, in which case I imagine it will be more Friends/reading/writing to pass the time.

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