Lockdown Blog: Day XLV

The long weekend has arrived, and I must say not a moment too soon. I was pretty tired this morning, and it was an effort to drag myself out of bed.

One of the reasons, I stayed up later than I should have taking pictures of the moon. The sky was completely clear last night, and it was a full moon at perigee (aka the supermoon). I am pretty proud of the way this shot came out, although it did take a few attempted and rejected options before I achieved it.

Once I did finally wake up this morning, it was first to the emails and then to the team huddle to start the day. Compared to early in the week, everyone seemed rather jovial today, I am sure the prospect of a long weekend had something to do with it.

After the meeting, I have a call with my colleague Alwyn to discuss a strategy for a couple of patients who are causing us concern, before it was on to my phone calls to start the day.

By lunchtime, it was pretty warm in the garden so I spent a few minutes eating leftover chilli outside, before Sarah and I went for a lunchtime walk. This was a mistake, as it was far to hot for Sarah who prefers a rainy day to glorious sunshine. I enjoyed the weather, but best not say that too loud…

This afternoon my time was taken up with more phone calls, followed by a team meeting with my consultant colleagues. One downside I noticed to remote meetings, it is far too easy to check emails and not focus on what is being discussed, which personally I find happens less often when I meet in person.

Once work was over, it was time for the weekly call to my family, following which Sarah has zoomed a couple of her friends, and remains on the call as I type this. My family are doing well, with my parents particularly excited by a military-looking propeller plane circling above their house. I assume it is something to do with VE Day tomorrow, or else the pilot is really struggling to land at Leeds-Bradford.

Dinner this evening will be tuna-pasta, once Sarah is off the call and I can get back in the kitchen. We might watch a film later, or else read and an early night. I have four free days to fill coming up, but I am sure I will managed to keep myself entertained.

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