Lockdown Blog: Day XLIV

I was able to have a small lie in this morning as I did not have to be in the hospital for 8, and I must say it was glorious. Once I was up, it was back to the computer and working through a list of phone calls to make. As we have a reduced team, we have each been allocated a number of people to contact for review. I was working through my list yesterday and the day before, but it does not seem to have gotten any shorter.

That is until today, when I finally managed to contact three people who have been giving me the slip (so to speak) up until this point. There is something about actually completing a task which made things seem brighter this morning. And it was not just me, with the team seeming happier on the huddle call than the last couple of days.

Lunch was taken in the garden today, while Sarah took her daily walk. It was really hot in the back garden, probably something to do with sitting out in the midday sun, and gave me a nice little boost for the afternoon.

It was more calls to make this afternoon, albeit a little less successful than the morning, with several people answering but not being available to speak at that moment. By the end of the day I had achieved most of what I had set out to do this afternoon, but there remains some jobs to finish tomorrow.

After going for a walk myself, with a noticeable increase in people walking in the warm weather, it was off to the supermarket for the weekly shop. The queue to get in was quite a bit longer this week (once again I blame the sun) but it moved fast and once inside I was able to get everything I needed, and a couple of treats I might not necessarily have needed but definitely want…

Sarah cooked this evening, making her signature Cheesy Chilli with chorizo. Unfortunately they did not have the usual chorizo we use, but even with an inferior substitute the chilli was delicious, and crucially I have some left over for lunch tomorrow!

The plan this evening is a few more pages of my book, probably some ice cream and maybe an episode of Friends or two. Only one more day before the long weekend (which will actually be four days for us as Sarah and I have taken Monday as annual leave).

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