Lockdown Blog: Day XLII

It was back to work today on the bank holiday that never was, and the thought of it being just four days until the actual long weekend certainly made the day seem a little brighter. Sarah started the day with an early walk, while I joined a much diminished team in the morning huddle. People seemed subdued initially, but before the meeting had ended everyone was able to share a laugh and a joke together.

After the meeting ended, I spent much of the morning reading through emails and calling patients who had been concerning at the end of last week. Happily, everyone was doing well.

By mid-morning, the in-laws let us know they had given the dog a haircut using a pair of barbers scissors. Clearly, it is not the neatest job, but with the weather warming up, I am sure he will appreciate the trim. They also have a kilo or two of dog fur available should anyone be looking to make a new rug…

For lunch Sarah and I decided to stop and take a break together. Unfortunately it was cold and drizzly outside, so we sat in the living room and chewed the fat.

Back at the desk, and it was phone calls galore for me. Some of the patients did not answer the phone when I rang, I am sure in part because I have a withheld number, but most picked up, and again they are all doing well.

While Sarah went shopping for her parents, I took my walk, which was the quietest I have seen it since lockdown. Apparently all it takes is a little drizzle to keep people inside.

I spent much of the walk thinking about this blog, and in particular when I will end it. It has always been intended to be a blog just for lockdown and my experiences, rather than lockdown and whatever will come afterwards. While lockdown began rather abruptly, it seems unlikely it will end the same, with a gradually lifting of restrictions rather than a sudden cessation. It is also clear lockdown in the UK is defined by the four reasons we are allowed to leave our homes (essential work, shopping, health reasons and exercise). It seems obvious to me that the best way to determine an end of lockdown will be when we are able to leave the house for more than those four reasons. Once that is the case, for this blog at least lockdown will be over, and we can return to some semblance of business as usual.

Dinner this evening was salmon and rice, a quick and healthy meal, although I suspect the fish was farmed as it was a little bland. Entertainment tonight is probably going to be more of SPQR, and possible an episode or two of Friends if Sarah fancies it. Tomorrow I am back at ECT in the morning, so an early night is on the agenda as well.

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