Lockdown Blog: Day XLI

Without intending to, it ended up being a late night last night. A late night almost inevitably led to a lazy morning. I was awake by 8, but it was closer to 9 by the time I pulled myself out of bed, and closer still to 10 before I did anything productive. Given it is the weekend, I cannot say I am annoyed at myself.

Once we were both ready, Sarah and I went for our daily walk. We decided to head back to the woods for a little green bathing, but without the dog-stop at Sarah’s parents like yesterday.

Back home, and I hit the garden to finish reading The Good People. It was a little too cloudy for Sarah so she sat inside, but clearly not cloudy enough as my face is feeling a little on the warm side at the moment. Might have to break out the after sun this evening.

In the end I did finish The Good People. Without giving too much away for the people who have not read it, the storyline was not what I expected, but was a much better story for it, and I would definitely recommend the book if you have not read it. You do not need to have read Burial Rites first as it is an entirely separate story, and I think The Good People is probably the better book if you need to choose between the two.

After finishing The Good People, I have decided I need to try a non-fiction book next. Mary Beard’s SPQR, a history of Ancient Rome, has been sitting on the shelf for a while, and so I have chosen it for my next read. One chapter in and it is certainly interesting.

Dinner this evening was going to be bangers and mash, but in the end we decided to have sausage and air-fryer chips instead. I might well follow up with a spoonful or two of ice cream to finish.

The plan this evening, once the aftersun is on, is a bit of TV or something on Netflix if we can find something which takes our fancy. I will probably treat myself to an early night tonight (…), it is back to work after all tomorrow. On the plus side, it is only a four day week to get through.

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