Lockdown Blog: Day XL

Today promised the start of a weekend without a purpose, and so far it has delivered. It began with the pizza left over from last night. Nicely chilled in the fridge overnight, it was I think more delicious than when it first arrived.

As soon as breakfast was done, it was out for our walk, this time taking in the woods near Sarah’s parents house, which were were delighted to see carpeted with bluebells. Darwin was particular excited at this point, and it took all my effort to stop him diving through the plants and crushing them.

We stopped at the in-laws to drop the dog off again. He has more space to run around and stimulation at their house, so he will be staying with them for the week at least. It was good to see them briefly in person (in the garden at a safe distance of course) and they appeared well.

Back home, I found an unexpected parcel waiting for me from Christine, Sarah’s step grandma. It was a set of loungewear and some socks which she had bought for me a while back and I had not had chance to collect before lockdown began.

After opening the parcel, it was out with the vacuum to give the house a once over. Darwin is spectacularly good at bringing twigs and dirt into the house, so with him gone for the week it seemed a good time to clear up some of the mess.

It was then outside for me to enjoy the afternoon sunshine. The prediction had been for cloud most of the day, but around 2pm the cloud cleared and it has been, dare I say it, hot! I managed to work my way through a few chapters of Good People in the sun, before Sarah joined me with a couple of glasses of fizz. One could almost imagine us sophisticated as we enjoyed the afternoon.

Dinner this evening will be a self-service affair. We have corn on the cob which needs eating, so I will likely cook those, and there are a dozen eggs in the fridge with the best before date rapidly approaching, so I will probably make a meal out of those, though what it will be I have not quite decided yet. Then this evening we are tempted by another randomly selected film after the success of I, Tonya. Otherwise it will back to my book or some writing to pass the time.

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