Lockdown Blog: Day XXXIX

So after a slow start, I, Tonya turned out to be a great movie. It is dark comedy, but definitely funny, and well worth a watch. We ended up watching the film by chance, after we could not find the film we wanted to watch. I think picking a movie at random could be the strategy in the future.

Back to today, and it was an early start, with Darwin waking me at 5:30 to jump onto the bed. Of course he was quickly back to sleep, while I tossed and turned until the alarm went off at 8.

Despite feeling the early start, I still made it to the computer for 9, starting with a scroll through emails followed by the morning huddle. Darwin made an appearance on the call to much acclaim, before we said a strange farewell to one of our colleagues who is moving permanently to a different team.

After the meeting, I spent most of the day calling patients for review. It was not the most successful day today, with two people not answering when I called, so hopefully I can catch them next week. Lunch was leftover stir fry and a few minutes sat in the lounge with Sarah, before I was back to the desk (table) and a check of the emails.

Before I finished, I spent an hour recording a lecture for the University of Leeds medical students. The course usually includes a one hour lecture on learning disabilities during the fourth year, and I have been giving the talk in collaboration with colleagues for several years. Obviously this is not possible at the moment, so to try and cover the syllabus as best we can, I was asked to record myself giving the lecture. It’s a strange experience giving a lecture on your own, especially as I tend to ask questions of those listening, but it worked in the end and is off to the University ready for the students to watch when they have time.

Once I had finished for the week, I took the dog for his evening walk. The it was back for the new Friday night ritual, Domino’s. They have been running a reduced menu since lockdown began, but today was a big milestone when I found meatballs had returned. It seems the little things are bringing the greatest pleasure at the moment. I’m not sure Sarah was quite as excited when I shouted upstairs about the good news…

The plan this evening is a wild night in with a book/TV/film/some combination of all three. We have no big plans for the weekend (…) but might have an earlyish night none-the-less.

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