Lockdown Blog: Day XXXVIII

Day 38 and I am beginning to regret using Roman Numerals for my blog numbering, as I seem to spend half of my time writing out the numbers. Luckily, 38 is the longest number before fifty (and if I think about it the longest number before 100 as well), so it should get a little easier from now on.

This morning started with a dash to the post office. Amongst the fun of lockdown, we are in the process of selling our house, and I needed to post a physical copy of the document. Luckily the post office was empty when I arrived, so I could get in and out without seeing anyone but the woman behind the counter.

Back at the desk (kitchen room table) and the morning started by working through a selection of emails, before joining the morning huddle. Things seemed to take even longer today, with more people having patient contact to report, so much so I had to leave at 11 or miss my next appointment.

This was calling a home where four of the residents are my patients. Luckily the home manager is excellent, and he had given me the run down of all four of the patients within half an hour, which I think must be a record.

After the call, Sarah and I had a few minutes’ break for lunch. Unfortunately the weather was not good enough to sit outside, so we sat in the living room to eat lunch and talked, until I was back at the laptop for a couple of phone reviews and a meeting with colleagues.

Once work was over, Sarah and I took the dog on a walk around the local area. Despite the rain through the day it was surprisingly warm and pleasant, and unbelievably quiet.

Back home and we had a FaceTime call with my family. They are all doing well and it was great to catch up with them, even when they began a thrilling conversation about washing machine product recalls (this went on for far longer than it should have).

Dinner today was a prawn stir fry with a lemongrass sauce which we have not tried before. I was unsure at first, until I tried it. It was delicious, a little like a Thai green curry, and will be the firm favourite stir fry flavour in the future. This evening, we are watching I, Tonya on Netflix. So far, it is interesting…

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