Lockdown Blog: Day XXXVII

I’m not sure why, but today has really dragged. At several points I looked at the clock, only to see it was still several hours earlier than I expected it to be. You cannot imagine my joy when the clock finally ticked over to 5.

It started with an early review with a patient. She had just moved to Leeds from London before the Lockdown started, and has a complicated history I am still trying to unravel, so I was fairly cautious in my plan today, but hopefully I have done enough to help her settle better in the circumstances.

After this, I joined the team huddle. As we are now a reduced team and being allocated people to call, we spent much of the meeting updating the team on the patient’s current condition. It is amazing how many people the team review in a day, so many people in fact that the meeting took nearly an hour and a half. Hopefully we will be quicker tomorrow

After the meeting, I was back on the phone reviewing a couple of people. After what seemed like hours, I realised I had not heard the dog in a while. The reason? I found him comfortably curled up in my chair having a snooze.

Lunch was yesterday’s leftover curry, which tasted just as good as when it came out of the pan. I have never quite worked out why, but I like cold leftovers just as much as the original meal, sometimes more so. It is a close call as to whether I liked Domino’s pizza more when it is hot or cold the next day, and while obviously some foods do not keep well in the fridge, most do.

This afternoon was taken up with more phone calls and paperwork. By midway through the afternoon my back was aching from sitting too long, so I touch Darwin for a quick walk. Unfortunately, half way round he heavens opened and the pair of us ended up like drowned rats. This is Darwin when we made it home, and it was straight to the bath to be cleaned off.

The day ended with a couple more phone calls and a pre-meeting meeting for tomorrow when we will be holding a conference call with social care about one of my patients. Luckily, everyone in the team was in agreement on the best plan for the patient, so we can present a united front this evening.

Once we had finished work, it was a trip to the supermarket for the weekly shop. No queue this week, and we managed to get everything we needed. The plan for dinner this evening was bangers and mash, but by the time we were home I could not face peeling potatoes, so we had just the bangers and put them in a sandwich instead. I even threw a fried egg on top for the ultimate all-day breakfast feel.

The plan tonight is to start my new book The Good People by Hannah Kent. I thoroughly enjoyed her first book Burial Rites, so I have high hopes for this one. Unfortunately the same cannot be said for The watchmaker of Filigree Street. I really did not like the plot or style of writing. When I bought the book I had planned to buy the sequel, but I think I’ll give it a miss.

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