Lockdown Blog: Day XXXIV

Lots of good news today. Firstly, I managed to solve the puzzle last night. It took me several goes and a false step or two, but eventually I managed to solve the puzzle before midnight.

This morning, I started by listening to a favourite writing podcast, Prompted. I discovered the podcast during their first series, and submitted a couple of pieces which they were gracious enough to read out. Today I had submitted another piece which they read out on the first episode of the second series. Without getting too meta, they also mentioned this lockdown blog on the show, so it seemed only fair to return the shout-out favour. I would definitely recommend checking them out.

Once this had finished, I mowed the lawn while listening to a second podcast on dinosaurs. I have said before I find gardening finds me wanting to learn about dinosaurs, today was no exception.

With a lawn which would make the groundskeepers at Wimbledon jealous, Sarah and I went for our daily walk. We had to stop in the shop for a couple of essentials for both ourselves and Sarah’s parents, before heading to their house to drop off the supplies. We also took Neil a card and present as he will be enjoying his birthday on lockdown tomorrow. It is cloudier today, but still warm.

The last bit of good news today, as you can see in the video, we have the dog back! We picked him up from Sarah’s parents today and he will be staying with us this week. He is getting extremely fluffy, and I am worried he is going to end up cloud shaped by the end of lockdown. It does not seem to have tempered his energy though, with a run this morning, followed by a walk with us and then fetch in the garden has just about tired him out.

This afternoon I have been mostly reading and writing a short story. I briefly FaceTimed my parents so they could see the dog, before we had a group call with Sarah’s family at 6. It was not the greatest of successes, with people dropping in and out of the call, before we somehow managed to create two parallel calls with half the participants on each. I am going to blame old people and technology, but if I am honest I have no idea what happened either. On the plus side, everyone we were able to speak with is keeping well.

Dinner this evening was beef burgers. Sarah has hers with cheese, gherkins and ketchup, while I opted for my favourite of cheese and a fried egg. Inevitably, this led to the debate about putting an egg on a burger. Those of you who have tried it before will be aware it is simply divine. Sarah is not convinced, and nothing could shift her from her position.

This evening I plan to finish writing my short story and reading a couple more chapters of my new book, which I have finally gotten into. We also plan to watch Sliding Doors on iPlayer. We have been talking about doing this for several weeks now, and despite our plans I am not convinced we will be watching it tonight either. Tune in tomorrow to find out what happens.

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