Lockdown Blog: Day XXXIII

The weekend started surprising promptly, especially given the late starts towards the end of the week. I am sure the delight of cold pizza helped me bounce out of bed. After polishing off the leftovers, it was cleaning day at home. After much discussion, I took the vacuuming and mopping again, while Sarah dealt with the bathrooms. Whether we are getting quicker or there was less to do this week I’m not sure, but we were done within an hour.

After the work was done, we hit the sun in the garden. I started working on my new book, The Watchmaker of Filigree Street, while Sarah was working through a biography of Britney Spears (I have no idea why). It got so warm today we had to dig out the sun cream from last year’s break in Crete, and had blankets on the grass to sunbath. I even managed a 15minute siesta in the sun.

Once it had cooled down a little, Sarah and I went for a walk together. It was surprisingly quiet today, but the smell of barbecuing meat was coming from nearly every house we passed. We had planned to stick to the tradition of fending for ourselves, but after I had made a bowl of tuna pasta and cooked corn on the cob, Sarah decided to join me with a bowl.

This evening, the plan is more of my new book, a bit of TV and trying to solve a puzzle someone shared online. I have found myself watching a YouTube channel Cracking the Cryptic where a man solves puzzles online. It sounds like it should be dull, but it is surprisingly entertaining, so much so I decided to have a go at one myself.

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