Lockdown Blog: Day XXXI

So the whole plan to go to bed early fell apart with very little encouragement from me, and before I knew it, it was midnight again…

I am not even entirely sure what I did with my time. Well that is not entirely true, I did spend longer than I care to admit trying to get a photo of this insect which had landed on the patio door. Who knew it was so hard to photograph something through glass?

Whatever I was doing, I was tired again this morning, so it was a last minute dash into the shower to be ready at the computer for 9. The day started with a little more reading about ECT, followed by another Zoom huddle. The team still seem to be struggling with the pending redeployment, and there was a definite tension on the call.

The rest of the morning was taken up reviewing patients and preparing for an important review next week. I managed to catch a couple of minutes in the garden before a cheese sandwich for lunch on the go. Sarah and I took a short walk together, before I was back at the computer working through paperwork.

Towards the end of the day, I had a Zoom meeting with my fellow consultants, catching up on how we are getting on, troubleshooting problems, and generally giving each other support.

This was followed at 5 with a FaceTime call to my parents and brother. Everything seems well in their world. My parents have been baking, and insisted on showing us a cake we cannot eat, while my brother has been going through the house decided what things can be sold or given away once the lockdown is over. I know I don’t need a lime green house phone, but at the same time I definitely do.

Dinner this evening was a recipe Sarah had found for asparagus carbonara. It was fairly east to rustle up, but I am not totally convinced, suffering for the lack of bacon. We were also supposed to blitz the asparagus, but as we do not have a blender, it was not quite to the recipe.

This evening I am definitely having an early night. I need to leave the house by 7:30 tomorrow, so if I stay up as late as the last two nights tonight there is a good chance I might give myself the shock rather than the patients.

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