Lockdown Blog: Day XXIX

In the end last night I was so wrapped up in Elinor Oliphant that I finished the entire book. Much quicker and easier to read than 1Q84, and enjoyable for different reasons. The plot was fairly predictable early on, but there was still a couple of nice twists at the end which I did not see coming. I have now moved onto the The Watchmaker of Filigree Street. A chapter in and I’m not sure if it is for me but I will persevere and see how it turns out.

Back to today and I was working from home the whole day. We started as usual with our team huddle. People seemed in a better mood today, sharing jokes and heartwarming stories they had seen on the news. After this, much of my morning was spent with phone calls to patients. Quite a few people did not answer today, and I was once more left wondering where they were to not be able to answer the phone.

Lunch was a cheese sandwich followed by a couple of minutes outside with Sarah. The weather is still warm and sunny, but windy at the same time. If we sit at the back of the garden behind the buddleia, it is sheltered just enough to make it comfortable.

After lunch, I spent a little time reading through new guidance documents which have been released for treating patients during the pandemic, rather dry stuff but important to know. This was followed with the monthly consultants meeting on Zoom. Although some areas of the trust are struggling, on the whole the city appears to be holding up well. I have volunteered to get myself up to speed again with the administration of ECT, so that should the doctor who usually runs the service have to go off work sick, I can step in and cover the list. I think I will be going into the hospital on Friday for my first session, and will of course let you know how the day goes then.

Sarah had a meeting at 5 today, so I went for a walk by myself again around the local area. Back home and I set the Actifry going with another batch of chips, put fish cakes in the oven and had a quick FaceTime with my parents while Sarah finished her meeting and the food cooked. They are doing well, my mum was in work today for a day, while my dad spent the day painting a bench in the garden. I’ve got to say it looks great. I look forward to planting my keister on it again soon.

The fish cakes were very good, cod with chorizo and manchego cheese. Clearly they were going for a Spanish flavour, and while subtly flavoured it was still tasty. This evening, we are planning on watching a couple of episodes of Friends (to mix things up a little) followed by a chapter or two of my new book and bed.

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