Lockdown Blog: Day XXVIII

As I drove into the office this morning, I realised the longest journey I had made in a month was to the supermarket and back. As you can probably imagine, the commute was quiet and stress-free, with barely a car on the road. What would usually take me half an hour or more in traffic was done in fifteen minutes.

The drive also gave me a chance to listen to my audiobook again for the first time in a while. I have a selection of audiobooks on CD which I listen to while I am driving, but the five minute trip to the supermarket has not seemed long enough to get into the story. I am currently listening to Issac Asimov’s Foundation series, currently on Foundation and Earth.

At the office, there was a half dozen people in the room, all sat at an appropriate distance of course. After signing the prescriptions I had gone in to complete, and joining the morning huddle, I decided to stay and make a few calls before setting off home. It’s strange, but having the opportunity to see colleagues again in person rather than on a screen seemed to lift my spirits, and the walk back to the car in the sunshine was delightful.

Back home, I ate some of the leftover casserole for lunch. It was not as good cold, but filled me up. Sarah and I had a couple of minutes to enjoy the sun in the garden, before she went out on her walk and I sat back in front of the computer to complete some notes.

At 2 I had a first for me, a video call with patients, or at least the manager and deputy manager of the home they live in, and to make the situation a little more challenging, the manager is a BSL user, so an interpreter joined us from their home. The called worked well, I dare say better than the phone calls I have been making. In the hour we were online, I was able to review two patients, discuss a difficult and sensitive topic about one of them, and had most of my notes done as I was typing as we spoke. Definitely something to consider in the future.

By five it was still sunny, albeit very windy, so I took my daily constitutional around the local area. Nothing much to report today, it was quiet and sunny and windy (in that order). Having been for a drive to work just this morning, seeing the same sights on my walk again was a bit of a let down, but it was good to stretch my legs.

Dinner was chicken Kiev and air-fried chips. Whenever we have been shopping, we have bought a bag of potatoes, after all they are a staple crop, but we seem to outstripped our ability to eat them a little. To work trough the spuds, I have made chips tonight, and probably will do tomorrow with the fish cakes as well. I might treat myself to a little ice cream for dessert, and plan to dive back into my new book. I am already half way through, being much shorter and quicker to read than 1Q84, so I might be ready to start another book by tomorrow or Wednesday.

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