Lockdown Blog: Day XXVI

Today has been a lazy day. It started late, took quite some time to get moving, and although we had little planned for the day, I feel somehow we have managed to achieve even less. In short, it was the perfect Saturday!

The morning started with good news; the dog appears to have recovered, spending much of the morning playing at the in-laws before going on a long, exciting walk. I do not think we will ever quite know what was up with him, but in the end the important thing is he is bouncing again.

Once I had gotten moving, and after finishing last night’s pizza, I spent a little time weeding in the garden while listening to a dinosaur podcast. I’m not sure why, maybe it is the digging through soil, but I always feel the need to listen to a talk about dinosaurs when I am gardening. Sarah was inside while I was hoeing, tidying her wardrobe for the most part.

I skipped lunch today, having eaten several slices of pizza just a couple of hours before. We decided to go for our walk together, something we have not managed for sometime. On the way, we had to stop in to the garage for a couple of essential supplies we had forgotten to get in the weekly shop, cleaning products mostly. Sarah was rather excited as the garage has a takeaway coffee machine in the entrance, and then spent the next few minutes of the walk calculating how long it had been since the last time she had had a takeaway coffee (thirty days was the final answer).

Walking back through a deserted park and then woods, we passed the in-laws house, dropped of supplies there and saw with our own eyes the dog bouncing away. He is definitely back to his usual self, and after he has spent some time with Sarah’s parents I am sure he will be back to stay with us.

This afternoon I began the final slog through 1Q84. I have really enjoyed the book, but I have to say book 1 was more engaging than book 3. After hitting the thousand page mark it feels like I am on the downhill stretch, and at the time of writing I have just a hundred pages to go which I should manage this evening.

Dinner was a typical Saturday night fend for yourself affair, with us both grazing from the fridge and the Easter Egg selection. We had a brief video call with some of Sarah’s family (those who had remembered at least…) and everyone seems to be doing well. We were particularly entertained by Sarah’s grandma recounting the tale of her missing teeth, one of which may be slowly making its way through her dog…

This evening is looking like much the same as any other; reading, watching TV and/or a film. Even though we have not done much, I still feel tired, so if there is nothing interesting on TV to watch I might well call it an early night, ready for an exciting day of much the same tomorrow.

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