Lockdown Blog: Day XXV

Another week down and an exciting weekend ahead… It has been a strange week. It was supposed to be a short four day week, but with myself and Sarah having a sick day each it has flown by even quicker than it otherwise might have.

My Friday started with a video call with a colleague for supervision. We most spoke about patients he is concerned about over the next two weeks when he is on leave, as well as generally making sure he is well. After this, I had the usual team meeting, where our team manager joined for the first time. She had been off work before the pandemic started, so it was great to see her back.

The rest of the morning ended up being a busy one. I had several reviews booked in, as well as a couple of urgent calls to deal with. I was the only consultant covering clinical issues today, so there was plenty to keep me busy, so much so Sarah and I did not have time for our mid-morning garden break. Instead Sarah took her walk while I carried on with call.

Lunch was a quick cheese sandwich, followed by more calls and jobs to have done before the weekend. My final call of the day was a new patient who I have not met before. It is strange trying to do an entire new patient review speaking to their mum on the phone, even more so as I forgot to check the battery percentage on my phone before calling. At some point during a monologue when I was explaining techniques to manage anxiety, the battery ran out of charge and turned off. I must have been talking to myself for a good minute or two before I realised. Luckily the patient’s mum saw the funny side when I called her back, and I have promised to have the phone fully charged when I call her next time.

Once the laptop and work phone were off, I went for my walk. I know I have been proudly showing pictures of my blossoming trees and flowering plants, but they are nothing compared to the trees I saw during the walk today. With the sun shining briefly they were simply glorious.

Dinner was pizza from Domino’s again, it is Friday after all. I ordered later this week, but it still arrived in a timely manner and was devoured just as quickly. Of course, we still have a slice or two left to be enjoyed tomorrow for breakfast.

Entertainment this evening will likely take the form of TV, Friends, a movie or reading, we have not quite decided yet. I have set myself the task of finishing 1Q84 this weekend. I have around 300 pages to go, and of course nothing much to do with my time, so I am sure I will get there and finally discover where this story has been heading.

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