Lockdown Blog: Day XXIV

It took a few days longer than I anticipated, but the decision to extend lockdown another three weeks has finally been announced, taking us until at least 7th May (just before the next bank holiday…).

The plus side to lockdown, you get another three weeks at least of my ramblings. Lucky people! I am also thinking back to the start of the lockdown which seems a long time ago now, and I am left thinking that the first three weeks have flown, it is likely the next three will fly as well.

But that is getting ahead of myself, back to today. I was feeling better this morning so headed back to work. Unfortunately it seems Sarah has caught whatever I had and felt unwell herself. This has meant she has been convalescing in the living room while I tried to work in the kitchen, not ideal but she seems to be feeling better as well this evening. Whatever we both had, it was a short illness.

My day started by ploughing through emails. I was only off work for one day but by inbox was bulging. By 10 we had our morning meeting, where a discussion was had about redeploying staff. As the pandemic progresses, we are needing more staff in inpatient units, with community staff like my colleagues filling the gaps. We have been told we will be moving at some point in the near future, it is just a case of waiting to hear when and where. Understandably the mood was a little despondent, with many colleagues having worked in community teams nearly as long as I have been alive, but I am sure once people get into the flow of ward work again.

After the meeting, I spent the rest of the morning calling patients who I had planned to review the day before, as well as the reviews for today. This was followed by lunch (cheese sandwiches) in the garden. The weather is gorgeous today, the cherry tree is in full bloom, and I could quite happily have sat outside for the rest of the afternoon.

Alas, I was back at the computer after lunch for more phone calls. This was followed by a Zoom meeting with the other LD consultants. Given I was speaking with colleagues and not discussing confidential information, I tried taking my phone out into the garden to enjoy the sun while we held the meeting. Unfortunately, my phone battery had other ideas, so I was soon back inside to finish the meeting.

It was still warm when I went for my walk this evening, and surprisingly quiet which was great to see. For the most part I took the usual route, and passing the train station I realised it was rush hour. This station would usually be busy with people coming home from work, today, nothing. It is weird to see the place so desolate, but encouraging as well.

Dinner this evening was provided by Sarah who had revived enough to cook tarragon chicken with asparagus. It was of course delicious as always, and I could quite easily have eaten another bowl or two. After this we FaceTimed my parents, brother and Jonathan. Everyone is in good spirits, and my dad even braved showing of his new haircut courtesy of my mum and the clippers.

As Sarah has been feeling unwell, I have relented and agreed to watch a couple of episodes of Friends, after which I plan to work through a couple more chapters of 1Q84. Things are getting to a climax and I might struggle to put the book down to sleep tonight.

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