Lockdown Blog: Day XXIII

Today has not been the best of days. I started feeling unwell last night, feeling sick and having a headache. I am sure it is not COVID, no cough or fever after all, but I still felt pretty lousy when I went to bed, and it meant I barely slept last night. Adding this to the dog continuing to be mopey, and I felt pretty rough this morning.

In the end I decided to call it sick. Working from home it was tempting to push through and just work, and of course there are people much more seriously unwell than I am at the moment, but I decided it was best for me to rest. Even working from home, I still have important decisions to make, and I could in theory be called in to work at any moment. Best to have a day off to recuperate and be back fighting fit tomorrow.

So my morning began with a nap, and to be honest it was the best thing. I still had a headache when I woke, but I did not feel as sick. I even managed a few minutes fresh air with the dog, and it is amazing how quickly his moping ends when it is time to go for a walk.

Back home and I relaxed on the sofa for the rest of the morning, mainly watching videos on YouTube. I know it is not the most productive of pastimes, but I was not feeling particularly productive today.

For lunch I heated up a tin of soup (I’m sick, got to have soup) and defrosted a slice of bread. I spoke two days ago about our trip to Halifax Piece Hall a couple of weeks before the lockdown, and as I was heating my soup today I was reminded of not feeling at my best then either. I had had a headache and felt sick, but at the same time hungry, which is obviously not common when someone feels ill. I had brushed it off at the time, until Sarah reported almost exactly the same symptoms a couple of days later, as if I had caught something and passed it on to her. It might all be a coincidence, but it feels similar to how I felt then.

After lunch Sarah took Darwin back to the in-laws. We think he is getting bored in our smaller house, and is not best friends with us after we shaved and de-knotted him. A few days back with the Dawson’s will likely do him the world of good. When she was back Sarah then took her walk, before heading back to work.

This afternoon, I felt able to spend a little time sat in the garden. The weather is glorious today, and the sun and fresh air lifted my spirits somewhat. I’m still feeling a little peaky, but definitely better than this morning.

Tomorrow being Thursday, the plan would have been for me to go shopping first thing. Given how I felt this morning, Sarah suggested I might not be up for it, so we agreed to try the supermarket this evening. It turned out to be a great decision, there was no one in the queue, and on the whole we managed to get everything we needed. I think it might become the routine from now on.

Dinner this evening was tuna-pasta, while the plan later on is a little TV and/or reading, followed by an early night for me. Hopefully I am feeling better tomorrow and can get back to work, there is certainly plenty for me to be doing.

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