Lockdown Blog: Day XXII

It was a challenge getting up early again this morning, so much so I was only just ready in time for nine. It appears all it takes is five days off work and I lose all structure to my routine. It was not helped by Sarah not having to get up, or the dog waking me up at 4am when he bathed into the room, but still I found it much harder to drag myself up today.

Once back at the computer, and with Sarah and the dog on the morning walk, I joined our morning huddle. There was not much to report in the meeting, and soon I was on the phone calling patients who had been having difficulties the week before. There had been little change in their problems, and given our limitations regarding review little to offer at present.

We were back to our mid-morning coffee (for Sarah) break, with the dog lounging on the grass. He is feeling a little under the weather today, and has spent most of the day moping and feeling sorry for himself. That is until the lead came out for walkies, when suddenly he forgot he was supposed to be unwell.

This afternoon was more phone calls with patients and families, followed by a video call with one of my colleagues to catch up on their workload and how they are coping with the situation. While I was on the phone, I was joined briefly by these two fat pigeons in the garden. Not sure what they were hunting for, and they flew off pretty quickly when I tried to get closer for a better picture.

By five, Darwin and I were ready for our walk, and that was the moment his tail started wagging as if he had never been ill at all. It was a fairly short walk today, but much quieter than I have seen it throughout the whole lockdown, despite the nice weather.

Dinner this evening was haricots sur pain grillé (…) topped with a little cheese for myself. Even if I say so myself, I am getting good at heating beans and toasting bread. I might follow up with a little ice cream for dessert, and will either make a start on book 3 of 1Q84 or watch some TV this evening, before an early night. I definitely need to try and get up early tomorrow.

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